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Round Sextant 8" solid Brass

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This brass round sextant is a spectacularly crafted piece that brings an intriguing part of maritime history into any nautical collection. Polished to a gorgeous mirror-like shine, this round sextant brings an air of class and sophistication to nearly any space. Sextants served a wide array of useful functions on nautical vessels before the advent of modern navigational equipment. Ship hands would use a sextant to accurately determine the angle of celestial bodies such as the sun and certain stars to determine their current position on a nautical chart or an accurate prediction of latitude. Many sailors also made use of sextants to judge the current time of day by calculating the angle of the moon in relation to other celestial objects. Measuring 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches tall, this round sextant can be placed on nearly any desk, table, shelf, or display case to add a beautifully constructed conversation piece to your home, office, or boat.

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